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Due to the war, our direct involvement with ACCESS ministry has been limited to financial support. We will continue to seek God's will in aligning ACCESS with LCM.

Ukraine's First 

Integrated Pre-School

Access in Ukraine

Impacting secular Ukraine for Christ through Access ministry by educating, training and equipping local churches.


Liya Christian Ministry established the first integrated pre-school offered to children with disabilities in Ukraine.  At least 30% of the students at our preschool are children with disabilities.  Ukrainian society does not accept children and people with disabilities.   Our vision is to teach God's love to all by breaking down these barriers. 


We introduce the Gospel to all families at the preschool.   

Access Ministry

Liya Christian Ministry provides needed physical therapy and rehabilitation to disabled children.  Unfortunately, in Ukraine, the government does not offer any services to families with disabled children, and, sadly, they are left to fend for themselves. 


Through gifts from our sponsors, we are able to offer the very needed services at significantly discounted rates.  Parents pay less than 10% of what it actually costs. 


Each family who we serve is invited to attend a morning Saturday Bible Study and Sunday evening Fellowship Service


Liya Christian Ministry's vision is to preach the Gospel to all we come in contact with throughout Ukraine and the neighboring countries.  Through our Pre-School and Access Ministry we serve families' physical needs.  Through Bible Studies and the Fellowship we preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ.   

Once a month, we invite all families and children to come join us in Christian Fellowship.  For last Christmas, our children from Pre-School presented a short skit about the birth of Jesus.  Children with disabilities are not accepted in the society and are never seen on stage.  As a way to breakdown that barrier, we offer these special children opportunities to participate and experience the joy of being a part of a group.


The Fellowship gives us an opportunity to introduce families to Jesus.  Over 90% of the families we serve come from unbelieving households. 

Bible Study

Every Saturday morning we host two hour and a half long Bible Study sessions. We watch the children while parents meet in small groups to study God's Word.  Our vision is to expand this program to offer parents an ability to leave their children for up to 24 hours so that they may get some rest.  We are inspired by the Jill's House.      

Liya Access Mininistry - Ukraine

Liya Access Mininistry - Ukraine

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Beginning of ACCESS

The story of how the Access Ministry for Children with disabilities, starts like this…


A pastor and his wife had been eagerly awaiting the birth of their son, their fourth child. With three elder daughters, the birth of a son was one they had been praying for. However, happy expectation was met with tragedy at the birth as they were told that their son could not breath on his own.  Read More .....

A society that accepts all people regardless of disability
Equal Access to services regardless of disability
Fully accessible cities


We Are Accomplishing The Vision By:

  • Starting the first integrated pre-school in Ukraine

  • Starting the first Montessori accredited program for the children with disabilities in Western Ukraine

  • Starting the first ABA accredited program in the Rivne Region

  • Starting the first musical group comprised of mothers and their children with disabilities 

  • Creating a knowledge and resource center to be used by single mothers and families  

  • Educating churches and its members of the best way to serve the forgotten communities of families of disabled children

  • Sponsoring music mission trips to promote ACCEPTANCE 

  • Sponsoring summer music camps and family camps

  • Sponsoring public benefit concerts to bring awareness 

  • Partnering with local businesses and sports clubs to increase the support base and participation

  • Funding advocacy groups to defend the rights of children and families who cannot speak for themselves

  • Starting first water / pool therapy in the Rivne Region

  • Sponsoring design competition to educate young Ukrainian architects on the international accessibility standards 

  • Building state of the art facility that will be a model for access and accessibility 

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