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Music and Access

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November 2017

Hello my name is Joshua Flickinger and I am currently attending Maranatha Baptist University where I am majoring in Missions. My home church is Heritage Baptist Church in Woodbridge Virginia. I was blessed to be born into a Christian home and at the age of four after hearing a message on heaven and hell I was saved.  Since the age of four I've been taking music lessons and as such have developed a deep appreciation for music. 


My desire to serve in Ukraine started while attending Liya Music Camp - USA in McLean, VA over four years ago.  This camp is run by the Liya Christian Ministry and McLean Bible Church whose primary function is to bring the life saving message of the gospel of Jesus Christ to Ukraine through Access and Music ministry.  Over the past seventeen years, the Liya Christian Ministry has been working in Ukraine and after hearing and learning about the ministry in Ukraine the Lord put a strong burden in my heart for the people of Ukraine.  On many occasions over the past two years I tried to go to Ukraine, but the Lord had not opened any doors for me to go until now.  Through an incredible set of circumstances I was able to go to Ukraine to serve in December of 2017

I invite you to be part of this ministry through financial support and prayers. I am praying for a smooth trip, safety and good health during my travels. I pray that my efforts will continue to build upon what the Liya Christian Ministry has already started and have a lasting impact on some of the people of the country. And I will be comforted during my trip knowing that you are supporting us from home!

Would you consider helping? 

Thank you and God bless!

Joshua Flickinger

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