Leadership Team

Mikhail Dovgalyuk (1956 - 2014), Founder

Mikhail and Lyuba Dovgalyuk are the parents of Liya Dovgalyuk.   In 1998 Mikhail and Lyuba, along with friends and other family members, established Liya Christian Ministry in Ukraine in memory of their daughter Liya who passed away at the age of 13.  

Mikhail was the mastermind behind the Dovgalyuk Ensemble, a musical group comprised of this kids that he organized as a surprise to his wife.  Mikhail was not a musician, but he was the best critic and held an "honorary" title of the Librarian in the Dovgalyuk Ensemble. 

Lyuba Dovgalyuk, Founder / Board Member | USA

Lyuba Dovgalyuk is the founding member of Liya Christian Ministry.   Lyuba was born and grew up in Riga, Latvia.  She started playing piano at the age of 6 and started to accompany church choirs at the age of 12.  Lyuba spent her summers and school breaks travelling to various parts of Eastern Europe as a music missionary.  She brought her music to the small churches in the villages and towns.   

In 1987 Lyuba and Mikhail, along with their four children, formed The Dovgalyuk ensemble.  The Dovgalyuk children started to learn how to use their music talents and ability in ministry from a very young age.  Starting in 1989 they performed in churches, prisons, hospitals, schools and at various outreach events hosted by the Latvian Christian Mission.

Shortly after the Dovgalyuk family moved to the United States in 1991, Lyuba joined the staff Sunrise Senior Living where she works to this day.  

She is a grandmother of eleven.   


Dr. Zoriana Vuiv, MD, Director Access / Board Member | UKRAINE

Dr. Vuiv is the Director of Liya Access ministry in Ukraine.  She is a neonatologist and a founding member of the ministry.  Zoriana is a mother of two. 


Dr. Yevgeniy Dovgalyuk, Director Music / Board Member | USA

Dr. Yevgeniy Dovgalyuk is a professor of music at Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA.  He also regularly performs with the National Symphony Orchestra in Washington DC and various other orchestras.


He is actively involved with Liya Music Camp International in USA hosted by the McLean Bible Church and various music camps in Ukraine where he serves as the Music Director.  Yevgeniy is board member Liya Christian Ministry which was founded in memory of his sister Liya. He has performed throughout the USA and Europe, including Sweden, the United Kingdom, Ukraine, Latvia, and Russia.


Katya Kornichyuk, Director Pre-School | UKRAINE

Mrs. Kornichyuk serves as the director of the integrated pre-school, where typical children and children with dissabilities come and learn together.  


Katya is an accredited Montessori specialist in Ukraine.  Our integrated pre-school is using Montessori approach and tools as the basis for the instruction in the classroom.   This is a first of its kind pre-school in Ukraine that brings typical children and children with disabilities into a learning environment.

We are especially grateful to the financial support from the fund LIO for making this pre-school possible (www.LIO.ch).

Ira Kosinets, Volunteer Coordinator / Mother's Bells Leader | UKRAINE

Ms. Kosinets joined our ministry as our first ACCESS ministry volunteer in 2009.  She quickly discovered her love for the families of children with special needs and felt the Lord call her to become a more active member of the ministry team.  She invested her time and personal funds to purchase bells that mothers and children can use.  Because of Ira's vision and commitment Mother's Bells Ensemble was born.  This ensembles performs regularly at various venues and is an essential part in achieving our mission objective of Acceptance.

Tatiana Tarasyuk, ABA / Corrective Theraphy | UKRAINE

Tatiana leads corrective therapy.  She is the first accredited ABA therapist in Rivne regions.  We are thankful for her desire to help children with special needs.  

Applied behavior analysis (ABA) is an applied science devoted to developing procedures which will produce observable changes in behavior.  Tatiana's interest in ABA stemmed from her desire to help her own child with special needs.  ABA is a relatively new field in Ukraine and our ministry is thankful to have the first ABA accredited specialist in the Rirve Region on our team.    

Tatiania Gutselyuk | Pool Ministry and Physical Therapy | UKRAINE

Tatiana is responsible for running our pool ministry in Rivne, Ukraine.  She is an avid athlete and she is excited to use her talents to help children with disabilities.  

Timofey Dovgalyuk, President / Board Member | USA

Timofey Dovgalyuk serves as the President of the Liya Christian Ministry.


Pavel Gladun, Board Member | UKRAINE

Pavel Gladun joined Liya Ministry over a decade ago as the first music director and conductor.  Pavel has a Master of Arts degree in music performance from Lviv National Academy of Music and an MBA from National University 'Ivan Frank', Lviv.  Prior to joining Softjourn, Inc as a project manager, he was the principal Viola player for Rivne Philharmonic Orchestra.  

Pavel participated in Liya Music Camp - USA, held at McLean Bible Church as a camper first and then joined the faculty in 2015.

Andrea Dovgalyuk, Board Member | USA

Andrea Dovgalyuk is an interior designer in the Northern Virginia area.  She has served as our board member since 2008.  Andrea has traveled with Liya Christian Ministry on nine international mission trips starting in 2001. 

Andrea is married to Timofey and they have four children. 


Ben Roundtree, Board Member | GERMANY

Ben Roundtree is a former orchestra leader and pastor at McLean Bible Church.  Ben is an avid handbell player.  He and his family currently reside in Germany. 


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